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Out of production but still loved by some

Bandit brand CNC controls were a major player in the early years of the CNC machine tool industry. New parts have not been available for over 10 years, Used circuit boards are expensive and short lived. If reliability or ease of use have become an issue it may be time to consider a CNC control retrofit.  

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The good
At this age the only outstanding benefit to owning a machine with the Bandit control is their very low price. Choosing a replacement controller can be difficult when initial cost is the primary force behind that decision. There are several hobby CNC controls available in the DIY market place. Only Centroid offers a true, professional quality CNC retrofit control at a price within reach of the home shops and very small business. By replacing the original resolver with a new digital encoder you can eliminate the cost of purchasing new servo motors.

The Centroid "All-in-1" board set includes 3 axis of servo drives, PLC input & output, and DSP motion control processor. Your cost of $2,249.00 also includes the CNC software and conversational programming software.
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Time to Update your old control?

Machines in Motion offers CNC control retrofits with the US built Centroid CNC controller. Centroid has been improving and perfecting PC based CNC controls for over 35 years and I'm here to tell you these guys have developed one terrific control. Machines in Motion offers Centroid's newest CNC control hardware set providing you with a simple to program control. No need to rewire your entire machine. Our MPU11 hardware set will control your existing servo drives (except Orbit brand), spindle drive, and ATC logic. View a graphic of how this front end control will integrate with your existing electrical hardware.
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For those who demand the best, we now offer Yaskawa Servo drives and motors.

Increased reliability & performance 

If your old DC servo hardware is less than reliable, Machines in Motion offers the complete control solution. Our model M-400 ships to you as a completely assembled and running CNC control. Everything is provided, wired, and running.

  • Professional color display console.
    • Wired electrical enclosure.
      • New Servo motors, encoders, and cabling.
        • Pre-wired cables for each machine device. Limit switch, auto lube pump, VFD, flood coolant power.

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