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Machines in Motion, Inc. Specializes in Bridgeport CNC Retrofits. 
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Even the highest quality products become outdated over time. Reliability suffers and production needs increase. A new Centroid CNC control can provide your Bridgeport powered EZ Trak, EZ path, EZ surf, or other CNC machine with the performance and reliability of a brand new machine at a much lower price point.


Built in the U.S.A.

Our Centroid CNC controllers are designed, and built in the USA. Centroid software is codded by a dedicated team of CNC professionals whose only job is to improve the Centroid user experience. No third party software and no part time programmers. Machines in Motion, Inc. has access to the best people when custom PLC programming is needed.


Multi Shift Reliability.

Our Bridgeport CNC control retrofits are built with all new state of the art electronics. Your new Centroid CNC controller will be ready to work when you neeed it. Enjoy multi shift reliability no longer available from your old Bridgeport CNC.


Shorter Time Per Part.

A new Bridgeport CNC Control Upgrade provides simpler part programming, faster program file transfer, Large full color display, Operator prompts in plain text, many one button features like software backup and much more.


Simple to program.

Built in conversational part programming provides "fill in the blank" ease. Your new Centroid CNC accepts standard Fanuc G-code programs. All major CadCam software have Centroid specific post processors. High speed files transfer from USB or Ethernet. Open a standard text editor right at the machine console for any last minute changes.


All of your CNC files are stored on the control.

New Retrofit Controllers have Gigabytes of storage capacity. Your control can accept and store new programs for many years without ever running short on storage capacity.


G-Code Program File Size. 

Does your current Bridgeport control force you to split up your part programs due to a small memory size? Centroid CNC controllers provide 4 Megabytes of program file size as standard with UNLIMITED file size as an available option.


Monitor your Machine Activity.

Time per part is displayed on screen, parts per hour and other statistics are readily available.


Lower Cost Options for your Bridgeport CNC Retrofit

Centroid CNC controls can work with nearly all Bridgeport OEM DC servo motors. Retaining your current servo motors can save money on your Bridgeport CNC Upgrade. Contact Machines in Motion, Inc. for details. 


Higher Speeds & Faster Acceleration. 

Upgrading your servo system with Yaskawa Sigma7 servo products will provide maximum machine performance, Better accuracy, and a long, trouble free life.


Machines in Motion offers a Complete Upgrade Solution.

When quoting a complete Bridgeport control upgrade Machines in Motion, Inc. will include everything needed to put your machine back in production. This includes any custom PLC programming, Motor adaptors, Console mounts, and Wiring. We even provide on-site control use training to kick start your part production.


Optional CNC Control Features. 

Frequently we are asked to provide optional features aimed at shortening the operators time per part. The DP-4 Touch Probe will quickly locate a part or fixture home point. Our TT-1 Tool touch off sensor will automatically install the offset of each tool in your control's tool library. Digitizing software can copy the geometry of a solid model while generating the G-code program needed to instantly cut this same part.  There are many other custom features available. We can make your Bridgeport CNC machine function the way you always wanted.


These are the highlights but there are many other good reasons to retrofit your Bridgeport machine. Contact us with any questions you may have. All emails are responded to with in 24 hours. Phone calls are answered by a live person who is ready to provide the answers you need to evaluate your CNC upgrade project.

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Professional level controls with money making features that speed your work from programming through setup and the cutting of your parts.
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