Centroid All in 1 CNC control retrofit informationCentroid all in 1 CNC control retrofit specifications


Lowest cost

Professional level CNC controller

Up to 3 axis of DC servo motion

4th axis can be added

Built in PLC

Conversational programming

Simple to use

Easy to install

30 days of technical support included.



All in 1 More information we offer than a simple price sheet.

Current prices for the All in 1 control board and related components. Some additional details & information has been added.  

Purchase the All in 1 in pre wired into a new electrical enclosure.

Normally a control upgrade can be installed into your machine's Current electrical enclosure. If your application does not have a usuable enclosure then this is what you need. The all in 1 board is mounted and wired into a NEMA electrical enclosure with door discunnect and servo power supply. Add servo motors with encoder, PC, and any other optional component like the hand held jog pendant or MPG handwheel.

Factory installation manual.

Lots of detailed information and examples of wiring for common CNC machine devices like lube pump, spindle CW/CCW & speed control, limit switches, etc.

All in one component manual.

Specifications and details on the All in 1 component only.


Machines in Motion, Inc. will answer your specific questions and include both in this FAQ document.

How about technical support?

First review our online manuals. There is a great deal of specific details included here. Machines in Motion, Inc. typically responds to emailed questions every evening.

What is the return policy?

All electronic components can be sensitive to static discharge, mishandling, stray voltages, lightning, and many other conditions that have the potential for doing damage. When you return a component it must be cosmetically like new. For the sake of our own reputation we must retest each component prior to repackaging and reselling. Machines in Motion, Inc. will accept returns from customers who have purchased their components from us within the last 30 days. A 35% retesting and restocking fee will be deducted along with any shipping charges. Please ask us questions before you buy. we want your Control building experience to be a suscessful one.

What else do you need to know?

Machines in Motion, Inc. is very customer driven. You have questions and we love to answer them. Just email us with your specific question for a quick response. When time is critical we offer complete CNC control systems, professionally installed, with operator training. Click here for a copy of our informational machine worksheet that matches your CNC machine application. With these specifics we can quote your CNC Machine control upgrade project.



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