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We can retrofit your large manual machine to fully CNC controlled.

I have inspected many large mills and VTL's. Frequently they have been sitting idle for months or even years. In this age of programmable machining few machinist want or even know how to use manual machine tools. Machines in Motion Inc. can upgrade these seasoned large format machine tools to become productive profit centers once again. It's a form of recycling that makes good business sense.

Nomura Manual Mill converted to a CNC production mill.

Why go through all the time, trouble, and expense of replacing good iron with expensive iron. Machines in Motion Inc. can quote your machine upgrade project from engineering to operator training.


I have represented Centroid Corp. for over 19 years now. This latest MPU11 hardware set is their most advanced controller ever produced. Here are a few of the new features that have been added to an already impressive product. Doug Laursen

  • Up to 8 axis of simultaneous servo motion.
  • Scales feedback for greatest accuracy.
  • Simplified tool table setup for lathes
  • Proper graphics for vertical lathes
  • Centroid's motion control card no longer requires a computer expansion slot. 
  • 2 servo motors moving a single axis is supported.
  • Tool path graphics can be rotated in real time.
  • And much more. 


Is your old machine almost CNC ready?

Many older NC and tape driven machine tools were built with ball screws. These are even easier to upgrade than fully manual machinery.

Let us quote the right control for your specific machine application. Contact us today.
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We have developed a Request a Quote  worksheet that outlines the information needed for us to provide you with a budgetary quotation. Click on the link to down load the appropriate document.

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Centroid CNC Retrofit by Machines in Motion, Inc.

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